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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

As a devoted web solutions provider, DSC Techs Web Solution is committed to ensuring that our clients have a seamless and satisfactory experience. To ensure transparency in our business dealings, we have introduced comprehensive “Terms and Conditions” that govern the provision of our services. These terms and conditions are meant to safeguard both parties’ interests as well as provide a framework for achieving successful project completion.

Prevention of Project Cancellation, Reversal, or Legal Disputes

At DSC Techs Web Solution, we strongly believe that clearly defined terms and conditions are crucial to prevent project cancellation reversal or legal disputes. By having a mutual understanding of the rights and responsibilities of both parties, we aim to avoid possible misunderstandings and disagreements.

Refund Policy for Completed Projects

In accordance with our goal to ensure the satisfaction of our clients, we have a policy that determines refunds that apply to projects already done. Note, however, that refunds cannot be made after the completion of any work, and the client has had an opportunity to make suggestions at the end of every stage.

Termination of Projects by Mutual Consent

Should both parties decide to end a project amicably, then specific terms about ownership and payment become operative. It must be made clear that in these situations, the client is still the owner of the finished product until it is terminated. Nevertheless, any additional work on the project is nullified, and prior payments and deposits are forfeited.

Refund Policy for Commenced Development Phase

As soon as the client has consented to the mock-up designs and our crew has started its development activities, a refund is not possible. This requirement is set to acknowledge that a significant amount of work has begun on the project and that both parties are committed. We have it as an important guideline for maintaining our professional integrity in client contracts and ensuring that our team does not go unrewarded for its efforts.

Partial Refunds and Milestone Phases

It is significant to remember that during a milestone phase, the firm will not consider requests for partial refunds. This policy is intended to protect the integrity of the project milestones and guarantee that the client's obligations are in line with the deliverables and timetable that have been agreed upon.

Cancellations for Special Occasion Services and Refundability of SEO and Digital Marketing Packages

Cancellation policies for special occasion services, as well as limited-time offers, do apply. It is important to note that no cancellations of services offered on such occasions should be made since they are time-bound and exclusive in nature. Furthermore, SEO and digital marketing packages are non-refundable since these services require resources and yield tangible results.

Cancellations for Special Occasion Services and Refundability of SEO and Digital Marketing Packages

Special occasion services and limited-time offers are subject to specific cancellation policies. It is important to note that special event services are non-refundable since they need to be used at the time they were created. In addition, SEO and digital marketing packages cannot be refunded due to their specialized nature and the resources committed towards tangible outcomes.

No Refunds for Abandoned Projects

No compensation will be made, and no refunds will be considered in situations when projects are left idle for over 30 days. This is a clause that recognizes the utilization of resources and work done by our team at the start of the project. It also helps to ensure that we do not misuse our services and resources so that our company’s inputs are accounted for and paid for accordingly.

The "Terms and Conditions" outlined by DSC Techs Web Solution serve as a foundational framework for our client engagements. We are convinced that compliance with these terms and conditions promotes openness, trustworthiness, and professionalism while dealing with clients.